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Lotty Aldenhoven in Musical ride costume

Musical Ride team in discussion

Toni Weir & Nippa

Kellie Barnett

Musical Ride team presentation

Bealiba Games Teams A,B & C

Bealiba Games Teams, A,B & C

Bealiba Pony Club Games Teams

Musical Ride

Flat team ride

Abby-Rose Fry

Kylie Scilini

Demcy Gibbs

Hilary Jones

Cade Cohalan

Team A with their ribbons

Lotty Aldenhoven in Musical ride costume



On Saturday 13th May, twenty-five members of the Bealiba & District Pony Club were busy preparing their horses and gear for the Midland Zone State Qualifying Event for a Team of Four Flat Ride, a Musical Ride and a Games competition to be held the following day at Maldon Pony Club Grounds.


Eight teams were entered for the Flat Ride, which consisted of three components, the first being a Team of Four Ride, second a Pair Ride and the third an Unrehearsed Ride.  The three rides were ridden in different arenas and were judged by different judges.  The scores of each ride were added together to determine the overall placing.  Bealiba’s Flat Team took out first place in this event.


The team consisted of Lotty Aldenhoven riding King Harley, Maddie Harris riding Lady Di, Katrina Scilini riding Jabba and Guinevere Jones riding Bedazzled.  Their Team Manager was Melissa Aldenhoven.


The team had also entered into the Musical Ride; this event gave teams to opportunity to design their own ride, music and costumes.  Our riders dressed as the group the “Village People” riding to a mixture of their upbeat music.  Lotty chose to dress as an Indian, Maddie as a Sailor, Katrina a Construction Worker and Guinevere dressed as a Biker.  The costumes had been designed and made by Betty Klingenberg.  Betty is the grandmother of two of our members and a wonderful supporter of our club.


The girls thoroughly enjoyed this event with the ride proving to be a wonderful spectacle.  While only two clubs chose to enter this event, both rides were of a high standard with Bealiba placing first and Maryborough placing second.


As winners of the Team Ride and Musical Ride the girls will now compete at the State Event to be held at Werribee Park on Saturday 17th June.  Last year Bealiba’s Musical Ride Team took out first place at the State Event.  Lotty, Maddie, Katrina and Quinevere are thrilled at the opportunity to defend the trophy, which the club and township of Bealiba have enjoyed for the past 7 months.

Eleven teams took part in the Games competition with Bealiba fielding three teams with seven riders in each team. 

Team A consisted of – Kellie Barnett riding Kingston Way

                                    Samantha Palmer riding Stormy

                                    Tamrie Carter riding Rosie

                                    Toni Weir riding Nippa

                                    Kylie Scilini riding Sally

                                    Hannah Gould riding Chloe

                                    Abby-Rose Fry riding Zara

Team Manager was Lincoln Palmer


Team B consisted of -   Shannyn Kick riding Herman

                                    Louise Conway riding Apache

                                    Stephanie Conway riding Brandy

                                    Mitch Fry riding JB

                                    Dency Gibbs riding Jet

                                    Ross Templeton riding Dee

                                    Molly Gould riding Gabby

Team Manager was Faye Barnett


Team C consisted of -  Lauren Bartlett riding Mary

                                    Chloe Aldenhoven riding Rocca

                                    Ebony Cohalan riding Barry

                                    Paigan Gould riding Bundy

                                    Hilary Jones riding Indianna

                                    Brooke Stuart riding Carbine

                                    Cade Cohalan riding Jack

Team Manager was Judy Gibbs


There were four lanes with a draw determining which teams competed against each other.  The winning team of each heat was awarded 50 points, second 40 points, third 30 points and fourth 20 points.  At the completion of the six events the placing’s are determined.


Charlton’s Games Team took out first place with Bealibas Team A placing second, 10 points behind Charlton.  Horsham took out third place.  Bealiba’s seven riders will now complete at the State Event to be held at Werribee Park on Sunday 18th June. 


At the end of the games competition riders and their team managers lined up for photos, they all agreed that they had a great time with some top riding, good sportsmanship, amazing team support and a few unusual happenings which will allow the members to talk and laugh about for days to come.


While the eleven riders competing at the State Event will continue to train, working on their team and individual skills all club members are looking forward to a two-day clinic to be held in the first week of the school holidays where they will enjoy showjumping, dressage, novelty event lessons plus unmounted horsemanship lessons that will help then understand fitness, feeding, wound care and the day to day responsibilities of owning a horse.