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'Smokey Memorial' Novelty Day

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Kellie Barnett

Tamrie Carter

Mitch Fry in the Old English Plate

Abby-Rose Fry

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Sam Palmer & Tess Astbury

Brooke Stuart

The Apple In The Straw Event

Toni Weir at the Fishing obstacle on the Smokey Course

Sam Ferrari at the Fishing obstacle on the Smokey Course

Katrina Scilini at the Gate on the Smokey Course

Sam Palmer at the Carpet Obstacle on the Smokey Course

Ebony Cohalan at the Fishing Obstacle on the Smokey Course

Kylie Scilini at the Ball Obstacle on the Smokey Course

Guinevere Jones at the Carpet Obstacle on the Smokey Course

Megan, Sam, Sarah,Teagan, Harley, Guinevere, Kylie, Hilary.

Megan, Sam, Sarah,Teagan, Harley, Guinevere, Kylie, Hilary.



A Few Years ago now, a little pony with a big heart passed away in his paddock. 
Smokey was a grey pony gelding, 12.2 hh and a young 25 years.  This pony had given many years of pleasure to his owners Lynelle & Melissa Tricky of Maryborough, although over the three years before his death, he was the pride and joy of Kellie Barnett from Maryborough. 
At competitions Smokey was always beautifully presented, he could be recognised by his pink bridle, boots and Barbie saddle blanket.  His favourite race was the Bending Race, sometimes he lost ground on the straight; although he always caught up with his brilliant turn around the end pole and very rarely, did he ever knock a pole.  
Smokey regularly attended Pony Club, competing in Dressage, Games, Horse Trials, Fancy Dress, Show Jumping, Pairs and Teams.  He loved the company of other horses and when let loose in the paddock didn’t like to be patted or fussed with, things were different on competition days, once he was saddled he was ready to give his best and although he was an old man he often beat younger and bigger horses and loved the attention that spectators gave him.
For a small pony he had a big jump, he would tuck his little legs up under him and clear jumps as tall as himself and wide enough that he could walk between the rails.  He often won showjumping competitions with his speed and ability to turn in limited spaces.  Another talent that he had was that he was broken to harness and at Christmas was given the very important job of delivering Santa Claus. 
  Smokey was a little legend and he will be sadly missed by everyone that knew him.  In the year of his death, he won the Championship Bending Race at Bendigo Show, the Pony Jump and was the Pony Club Show Jumping Champion in “D” Grade at the Bealiba Pony Club Show Jumping Day.

  Smokey proved that good things do come in small packages.


And so was born the “Smokey Memorial” Novelty Day.



While many pony clubs hold horse trials, combined training, showjumping and dressage days the Bealiba & District Pony Club recently hosted a different competition, which required speed, accuracy, excellent hand-eye co-ordination and a desire to challenge yourself while having fun.  This event was run under the Australian Novelty Riders Association rules.


The Bealiba Pony Club Junior Committee hosted their “Open Novelty Day”, this event also incorporates the “Smokey Memorial Handy Mount” which is a obstacle course set up around the cross-country course.


The day commenced with riders entering into their appropriate age group with riders also being able to ride up an age group, giving them more events to compete in.


In the Novelty Ring there were six events, these being the Bending Race, Stake Race, Flag & Barrel, Stick Pegging, Old English Plate and the Barrel Race.  While the first four events were run in heats the last two were run against the clock.  Blue, red, white and green rosettes were presented to the first four placegetters in each event.


At the end of the novelty program points for the first four placegetters were added to determine the Champion and Reserve Champion in each age Group.  The Champion Novelty combination (horse & rider) in each age group was presented with a beautiful red; white & blue championship rosette as well as an inscribed rug for each horse.  Reserve Champion in each age group was presented with a black & lime green rosette along with a matching headstall and lead rope.


Champion Novelty Rider under 14 years - Kylie Scilini (Bealiba Pony Club) riding Sally.

Reserve Champion Novelty Rider under 14 years - Hannah Gould (Bealiba Pony Club) riding Bundy.

Champion Novelty Rider under 17 years - Sarah McKay (Macedon Pony Club) riding Can Do

Reserve Champion Novelty Rider under 17 years - Mitch Fry (Bealiba Pony Club) riding Rory

Champion Open Novelty Rider - Sarah McKay (Macedon Pony Club) riding Can Do

Reserve Champion Open Novelty Rider - Samantha Ferrari (Macedon Pony Club) riding Devils Daughter


Competitors not placing in the Novelty Events were awarded with an Encouragement Award Rosette as a memento of the day. 



A special section was run for the very young and inexperienced riders.  They took part in the Bending Race, Stake Race, Monte Carlo, Keyhole, Ride & Lead and Apple in the Straw.


A variety of brightly coloured sashes were sort after, the first placegetter in each event was given their choice of colour followed by the second placegetter and so on.  At the end of the program horses and riders were adorned with a variety of colourful sashes. When the program for the younger rider finished Betty Klingenberg presented each rider with a medallion for their efforts.   


The Smokey Memorial Handy Mount obstacle course consisted of a number of obstacles, which must be completed before moving onto the next obstacle. Riders were timed as they started and ended the course to determine the fastest time.


Some of the obstacles were to post a letter into a letter box, take a stuffed toy off a 44 gal drum and then place it onto a second drum, ride up to a canoe that was placed upside down on two tyres, on top of the canoe were a number of wooden fish with hooks in their noses, the competitor had to hood a fish with a stick and hook and then place both items into a cylinder made of three tyres placed on top of each other, riders then collected a plastic bottle half filled with sand and placed it onto another drum, a ditch filled with brightly coloured witches hats was to be jumped before riding across a bridge – two of the horses feet had to touch the bridge, a jump with a wave board saying “Bealiba Pony Club Junior Committee” was obstacle number ten.  Horse and rider had to ride through colourful fly strips that were hung between two trees swaying slightly in the breeze, then ride across a mound with a small jump before collecting a tennis ball from a drum and dropping it into a car tyre without bouncing out, they then rode between brightly coloured road barriers before negotiating the corral which had carpet placed on the ground and up the sides, open, pass through and close a gate and collect a stick and flag from a witches had and place it into another witches hat before passing over the finish line where the last obstacle was to pat your horse. 


Placings for the 14 years and over section were as follows: -

            Ist        Teagan Burke & Brandy

            2nd:         Sam Ferrari & Devils Daughter

3rd:       Harley McGrath & Kacharna

4th:       Sarah McKay & Can Do



Placings for the 13 years and under section were:-

Ist         Megan Hennessy & Don Juan

            2nd           Kylie Scilini & Sally

            3rd        Hilary Jones & Indianna

            4th        Guinevere Jones & Lady Di


The fastest time and overall winner of the 2006 “Smokey Memorial Handy Mount” was won by Teagan Burke from Macedon Pony Club riding Brandy with a time of 2 minutes & 53 seconds.  Teagan was presented with a large pink & purple sash, she will also have her name inscribed on the perpetual trophy which she will hold for the next 12 months.  Teagan is the third winner of the trophy with Sam Ferrari winning in 2005 and Frank Towers winning in 2004.



Brandy ridden by Teagan Burke
with a time of 2 minutes & 53 seconds



Champion: Sarah McKay & Can Do

Reserve Champion: Sam Ferrari & Devils Daughter


Champion: Sarah McKay & Can Do

Reserve Champion: Mitch Fry & Rory


Champion: Kylie Scilini & Sally

Reserve Champion: Hannah Gould & Bundy 


1st: Megan Hennessy & Don Juan

2nd: Kylie Scilini & Sally

3rd: Hilary Jones & Indianna

4th: Guinevere Jones & Lady Di
1st: Teagan Burke & Brandy
2nd: Sam Ferrari & Devils Daughter
3rd: Harley McGrath & Kacharna
4th: Sarah McKay & Can Do 


The History of the Event