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Abby-Rose, Paigan, Ingrid, Molly & Hannah

Paigan & Hannah Gould

Abby-Rose, Paigan, Ingrid, Molly & Hannah

Results from the Mandurang South Pony Club Combined Training & Showjumping day.


Sunday 30th July 2006


Story & photo’s Julie Gould



Ingrid Gould competed in the ungraded and received a score of 18 for her dressage and clear show jumping (poles about 30cm). All riders received a certificate and a little box of chocolates which she carried around for the remainder of the day, and wouldn't share any with Mick.


Molly Gould competed in Grade 4, she was coming 6th after dressage with a score of 39, unfortunately Gabby did not like the brick wall and Molly was eliminated after two refusals and a soft landing onto the sand.


Paigan Gould competed in Grade 4, she was coming equal 2nd after the dressage with a score of 34, had a perfect show jumping and finished 2nd outright, she was very excited as this was only her 2nd Grade 4 event. There were Approx 18 riders in this Grade.


Hannah Gould competed in Grade 3, she was coming 6th after dressage (there was only 7 in it) with a score of 60, she did a good job in the dressage and her horse Chloe was very relaxed. They then jumped beautifully and finished 3rd overall.


Abby Fry competed in Grade 4 (combined training) on Roxy. With a dressage score of 45, she was placed 12th after the dressage, her show jumping was great and she finished 8th at the end of the day.  Abby also did Grade 4 dressage which was the "C" test she ended up with a score of 63. Not sure of her overall placing


Hannah also competed in "D" grade showing jumping which she was lucky enough to win after jumping beautifully in the final round with the jumps at maximum height, great effort Hannah.


Paigan and Molly competed in "E" grade show jumping they both went clear in the first round and made the jump off, with the jumps at maximum height, Sandy decided they were out of his league and refused twice so they were eliminated.  Molly after her earlier disappointment of being eliminated was determined to get around clear she did this with perfection and finished 4th after the jump off, so all and all a very successful day with everyone achieving something for the day.