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Results and photo's from Midland Zone Flat Team & SJ Shields

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The Brumbies In Ararat

Team A

Team B

Team C

Team D

Team E

Team F

Mitch Fry

Shannyn Kick

Toni Weir

Samantha Palmer

Maddy Harris

Tess Astbury

Kylie Scilini

Samantha Palmer

Molly Gould

Tarah Youngson

Kellie Barnett

Julia Conway

Hannah Gould

Hilary Jones & Indianna

Tamrie Carter

Ross Templeton

Steph Conway


Midland Zone : Team of Four, Flat Team Shield : Sunday 27th August 2006


Of the Eight Teams entered into the Team Ride, Bealiba had six teams, our teams were a mix of very young riders and senior experienced riders combining together so that all could have ago.

Well done Bealiba!!


Bealiba Flat Teams

Team A

Chloe / Rocca, Toni / Cactus, Kylie / Turtle, Gwinny / Bedazzled Score 123 — 4th Place

Team B
Lotty / King, Hannah / Chloe, Sam / Stormy, Abby-Rose / Roxy Score 122 — 5th Place

Team C
Shannyn / Herman, Tamrie / Rosie, Julia / Sunny, Paigan / Bundy. Score 98

Team D
Katrina / Kahl, Ross / Nippa, Maddy / Lady Di, Molly / Penny. Score 117

Team E
Kellie / Snowplough, Tarah / Sally, Alicia / Angie, Demcy / Jet.  Score 119 — 6th Place

Team F
Lauren / Mary, Edwina / Sandy, Hilary / Indianna, Ebony / Barry.  Score 125 — 3rd Place



Midland Zone : Showjumping Team Shield : Sunday 27th August 2006


Bealiba Team Showjumping results.


Team A:

B Grade: Samantha Palmer, 2nd & 5th, C Grade: Kellie Barnett, 3rd & 4th, D Grade: Maddie Harris, 7th & E, E Grade: Demcy Gibbs, 15th & 17th, - 3rd Place


Team B:

C Grade: Mitch Fry, 5th & 15th, D Grade: Hannah Gould, 10th & 9th, E Grade: Tamrie Carter, 2nd & 2nd  - 6th Place


Team C:

C Grade: Steph Conway, 10th & 7th, D Grade: Abby-Rose Fry, 10th & 7th, E Grade: Hilary Jones, 5th & 15th


Team D:

C Grade: Julia Conway, 7th & 1st, D Grade: Gwinny Jones, 8th & E, E Grade: Ebony Cohalan, 7th & 7th,


Team E:

C Grade: Shannyn Kick: 6th & 5th, D Grade: Tess Astbury, 6th & 5th, E Grade: Ross Templeton, 12th & 6th  - 4th Place

..........the Story..........


Bealiba Pony Club members recently competed at the Midland Zone Team Flat Ride and Show Jumping Event, which was held at Ararat.  Pony clubs within the Midland Zone were invited to enter teams to compete in a Flat Ride or as part of a Show Jumping team.  Zone shields were presented to the overall winners, clubs then hold onto these shields for the next 12 months.     


The Flat Ride attracted eight teams with Maryborough and Ararat fielding one team while Bealiba fielded six teams.  Drill work is an important part of Bealiba’s flat work program so it was decided to place experienced riders with younger riders to encourage and support them throughout the ride.  While some of our younger riders are not ready to compete in showjumping they enjoyed the opportunity of being able to represent their club as part of a flat team.  The senior riders are all to be congratulated on the wonderful way they helped and encouraged the younger, less experienced riders.  It was a magnificent spectacle to see twenty-four riders in red jumpers warming up in their teams.


Maryborough and Ararat took out first and second place with Bealiba’s team consisting of Lauren Bartlett, Edwina Fry, Hilary Jones & Ebony Cohalan placing third, Chloe Alenhoven, Toni Weir, Guinevere Jones & Kylie Scilini placed forth, Lotty Aldenhoven, Samantha Palmer, Hannah Gould & Abby-Rose Fry placed fifth, and Kellie Barnett, Alicia Billinghurst, Stephanie Conway and Demcy Gibbs placed sixth.


While unplaced our other teams consisting of Shannyn Kick, Tamrie Carter, Julia Conway, Paigan Gould and Katrina Scilini, Ross Templeton, Maddy Harris and Molly Gould worked well as a team and all agreed that they enjoyed the experience.


Bealiba entered twenty-three riders as individuals in the Show Jumping and were able to make up five teams.  Samantha Palmer riding Scrumpy Jack represented Bealiba in B Grade.  This combination placed 2nd & 5th riding extremely well over the big jumps.


In C grade we had 7 representatives, Mitch Fry riding Kingston Pride took home a 5th place while Kellie Barnett riding Apache placed 3rd and 4th   Shannyn Kick riding Herman placed 5th & 6th, Julia Conway riding Sunny took out first place after loosing her stirrup and riding the complete round without any stirrups.  Other riders competing in their first C Grade competition were Toni Weir riding Cactus, Stephanie Conway riding Brandy and Lotty Aldenhoven riding King Harley. 


In the D grade competition we had 7 competitors; Tess Astbury riding Fred took home a 5th and 6th place.  Other riders to represent our club were Hannah Gould riding Chloe, Maddy Harris riding Chance, Guinevere Jones riding Bedazzled, Abby-Rose Fry riding Roxy, Kylie Scilini riding Turtle and Samantha Palmer riding Stormy. 


Bealiba had a number of young riders taking part in the E Grade competition; Tamrie Carter riding Rosie took out 2nd place in both events.  Hilary Jones riding Indianna placed 5th in the first event with Ross Templeton placing 6th in the second.  Molly Gould riding Gabby placed 5th.  Other riders to compete were Demcy Gibbs riding Jet, Paigan Gould riding Sandy, Ebony Cohalan riding Barry and Tarah Youngson riding Sally.


The Midland Zone Show Jumping Shield was won by Castlemaine Pony Club, second place went to Ararat, third place to Bealiba with a team consisting of Samantha Palmer, Kellie Barnett, Maddy Harris and Demcy Gibbs, forth place to Bealiba with a team consisting of Shannyn Kick, Tess Astbury and Ross Templeton, fifth place to Ararat and sixth place to Bealiba’s team of Mitch Fry, Hannah Gould & Tamrie Carter.